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Learn More About Jaw Surgery

Orthognathic surgery or jaw surgery is an action to correct the abnormal position of the jaw and teeth. This operation is often done as part of plastic surgery to improve the appearance of the face. In general, jaw surgery is done by cutting the jawbone and turning it into the correct position. Then, a special instrument will be installed to keep the jawbone in position. New jaw surgery can be done after the jaw grows completely, that is, after the age of 14 years in women and after 17 years in men. Objectives and indications of jaw surgery Aside from aesthetic reasons, jaw surgery is actually performed by a plastic surgeon or oral surgeon to treat the following conditions: Broken teeth. Problems in biting, chewing, and talking Difficulty breathing and snoring due to sleep apnea. Pain due to interference with the jaw joint. Birth injuries or abnormalities on the face. A mouth that can't close properly. The shape of the face is not symmetrical, such as a small chin, upp
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Know 2 types of hemorrhoid from the characteristics

In general, hemorrhoid is divided into 2 types, namely internal hemorrhoid and outer hemorrhoid. The main difference between the two types of hemorrhoid is the location of hemorrhoid formation. What are the characteristics? Let's look at the following review. Hemorrhoid or hemorrhoids is a common complaint. Disease with another name hemorrhoids is characterized by the appearance of a lump in the anus that can be accompanied by pain or itching in the anus, and bleeding during bowel movements. Symptoms and signs that appear can vary slightly, depending on the type of hemorrhoid that is experienced. Types of Hemorrhoid and Characteristics Hemorrhoid occurs when blood vessels in the large intestine (rectum) and rectum or anus swell. Based on the location and symptoms caused, hemorrhoid is divided into 2 types, namely: Internal hemorrhoid So called because the swelling that occurs is in the anus, precisely in the rectum. Generally, hemorrhoids do not cause pain in the rectum bec

6 Important Questions about Pap Smear Examination

Cervical cancer that is only treated after the appearance of symptoms can be considered too late. This is where the importance of regular Pap smears, so that abnormalities of cells in the cervix that are at risk of becoming cancer cells can be detected early. Pap smears are procedures for taking and examining cell samples from the cervix, to see whether there are abnormalities that can lead to cervical cancer. This check needs to be done regularly, according to age and risk factors. Important for Women to Know Although this test is very important, there are still many women who have not had a Pap smear because of lack of information. The following are some frequently asked questions about Pap smears, along with their answers: When should a Pap smear be done? Pap smears should be done every two years, from the age of 21 years. After the age of 30 years, this test can be done every three years. In Indonesia, Pap smears are recommended for women of childbearing age who are ma